Wire Pathways - Knockouts Badge Details


The history of the knockout punch and its applications will be explained. Compare the various knockout punch drive methods available and their influence on productivity, ergonomics and tool life. Demonstrate safe and proper use of manual, hydraulic and battery powered knockout punch systems. Evaluate the student’s ability to select and properly use manual, hydraulic and battery powered knockout punch systems to create accurate panel layouts using lab activities.


  • Demonstrated the proper use of professional tools for creating pathways for cabling through commercial and residential framing materials and
  • ingress into metal panels and control boxes.
  • Understands the advantages and proper use of the latest professional wire pathway making solutions used in the trades.
  • Understands the theory of Wire Pathways and Types of Materials.
  • Demonstrate understanding of Knockout tools for Wire Pathway Creation.
  • Understands and follows industry safety and regulations.


Coupler   Die   Draw Stud   Knockout   Knockout Punch   Pilot Hole   Ram   Slug