Wire Pathways - Rotary Badge Details


Introduce the key theories behind rotary hole making. Explain the benefits of tool designs and materials when choosing rotary cutting tools and their effect on workmanship and productivity. Demonstrate the safety, proper use and maintenance of professional rotary pathways tools. Evaluate the student’s ability to choose and safely use the proper tool for creating pathways in various materials using lab activities.


  • Demonstrated the proper use of professional tools for creating pathways for cabling through commercial and residential framing materials and
  • ingress into metal panels and control boxes.
  • Understands the advantages and proper use of the latest professional wire pathway making solutions used in the trades.
  • Understands the theory of Wire Pathways and Types of Materials.
  • Demonstrate understanding of Rotary tools including spade bits, twist bits, masonry bits and step bits for Wire Pathway Creation.
  • Understands and follows industry safety and regulations.


Annular Blade   Arbor   Chuck   Galling   Drill Point   Drill Shank   Drill Body   Swarf   Titanium Aluminum Nitride   Titanium Carbonitride   Pilot Bit   High Carbon Steel   Low Carbon Steel