AMI 6 - DataSure Badge Details


The Snap-on Advanced Measuring Instruments (AMI) Certification is based on the expectations of globally-recognized companies that are designers and manufacturers of advanced measuring instruments. This course curriculum enables students to earn TOOLS FOR LIFE and expertise in the instruments used in global precision manufacturing labs. Those who acquire this certification will demonstrate their competency through hands-on application and successful completion of an online exam.

The content of this certification is designed to meet the expectations of Starrett, Snap-on, the National Coalition of Certification Centers (NC3), and critical industries like aerospace, engineering, manufacturing, power generation, and natural resources. Upon successful completion of each module, the learner acquires a stackable credential from Starrett, a global leader in the manufacture and use of precision measurement instruments.

The purpose of Module 6 is to acquaint students with the basic design of the DataSure-Automated Measurement Data Acquisition System used with micrometers, calipers, indicators, the technology behind the tool.


  • Understand basic safety guidelines as related to the use of semi-precision and precision measuring instruments in shops and laboratories.
  • Describe the basic design of the DataSure™data collection system components, instruments, and software including installing and configuring the DataSure™network.
  • Describe the difference between calibration and field check, determine when they should be done, and be able to properly demonstrate field checks of the electronic measure instruments used with the DataSure™ system.
  • Demonstrate application of the DataSure™system. Including proper usage, obtaining and reading measurements accurately, data logging, setting up remote client applications, and data processing as it relates to Statistical Process Control.


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