PMI 3- Gage Measurement Badge Details


The successful completion of the Snap-on Precision Measuring Instruments Certification enables graduates to demonstrate a solid understanding of the fundamentals of working with precision measurement instruments. The skills acquired during this comprehensive training are valuable TOOLS FOR LIFE that can lead to rewarding careers in a vast array of industries in the global marketplace.

Precision measuring is the cornerstone of quality in products and services many people rely upon each day. Starrett, Snap-on, and NC3 combined their industrial experience and expertise to create a certification that includes hands-on training on instruments that are vital to engineering, manufacturing, aerospace, power generation, and natural resources, to name a few. Those who earn this certification will be proficient in the use of a variety of instruments ranging from tapes and rules to calipers and micrometers.

The Precision Measuring Instruments Certification is divided into six modules. Each of these modules is a stand-alone certification which, when all are earned, represent a mastery of precision measuring instruments. Module 3 covers Gage measurement.


  • Understand basic safety guidelines as related to the use of precision measuring tools in shops and laboratories
  • Describe the basic design of depth gages, screw pitch gages, and thickness gages
  • Describe the difference between calibration and field check, determine when they should be done, and be able to properly demonstrate field checks on depth gages, screw pitch gages, and thickness gages
  • Demonstrate application of depth gages, screw pitch gages, and thickness gages to include proper usage, obtaining and reading measurements, and performing tool maintenance


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