Repair Connect - Diesel Badge Details


Today’s diesel and heavy duty vehicles require computerized diagnostics to properly identify problems. As the leader in aftermarket diesel vehicle diagnostics, Snap-on developed a certification course that include classroom training and advanced lab exercises. This certification course will show how to use vehicle communication software and common user interfaces across OEM applications.


  • Explain Truck ProDemand’s format and the benefits to the technician.
  • Identify the key dates associated with repair, estimating, and fault code data.
  • Use the module menus to quickly find service information.
  • Describe the features unique to SVG wiring diagrams and navigate them efficiently.
  • List the systems and types of information found in the Service Manual module.
  • Locate maintenance service intervals and various maintenance-related information.
  • Create estimates, including parts, labor, maintenance items, and required fluids.
  • Prepare and save a finalized repair quote for a customer.


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