Pro-Cut Rotor Matching Certification Badge Details


Students who earn the Snap-on Rotor Matching Master Technician Certification have acquired skills in the diagnosis and repair of brake related problems encountered on today’s precisely engineered vehicles. These essential TOOLS FOR LIFE cover the capabilities required to accurately identify performance and safety related brake system malfunctions, as well as how to correct them effectively.

This certification provides a widely recognized endorsement of technical expertise and demonstrated achievement. Students are trained to diagnose and repair the complex challenges of rotor matching that are regularly seen in brake repair facilities.


  • Measurement and calculation of precise physical dimensions and exploration of the forces involved when braking
  • Understanding of complex mechanical systems and forces associated with modern braking and suspension systems
  • Physical and chemical properties of modern brake pads and rotors
  • Procedural understanding and hands-on experience milling metal using a modern computer-controlled system
  • Debunking the myths surrounding the cause of modern brake performance issues
  • An understanding of the critical need for on-car brake lathing systems to meet the required specifications on today’s advanced vehicles
  • Rotor repair essentials
  • Hands-on labs for the precise measurement of brake rotor lateral run out
  • Machine rotor matching instruction with hands-on labs: utilize Pro-cut on-car brake lathe to achieve precise specifications required by automotive manufacturers
  • Lathe maintenance and calibration for successful ongoing performance of the Pro-cut lathing system


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