Tools @ Height Badge Details


The Snap-on Tools@Height Certification enables students to acquire the capabilities essential for identifying hazards and preventing accidents when performing work “at height.” The situational awareness skills and knowledge of safe workplace practices are TOOLS FOR LIFE that can help to avert costly damage to equipment and injury to others.

In 2012, more than 52,000 people were struck by falling objects — and some of the most commonly dropped objects are tools.The Tools at Height drop prevention certification gives students the foundational skills they need to remain safe and productive in the workplace; learning best practices to prevent injuries and FOD


  • Awareness of the hazards of dropped objects; adopting a “Zero Drop” philosophy
  • Understanding the difference between engineered solutions and modified solutions
  • Proficiency in Snap-on’s engineered solutions for securing wrenches, screwdrivers, sockets and other common work items
  • Best practices in selecting and using lanyards to properly secure tools and equipment during multiple tie-off situations
  • Aptitude in universal attachment systems (tapes and quick spins); ability to properly retrofit existing tools
  • Developing a strong sense of situational awareness; proper practices for carrying, securing and unloading tools at height


Carpentry   Industrial Maintenance   Aerospace   Energy Production and Distribution   Industrial Health   Aviation and Aerospace   Construction   Energy and Natural Resources   Maintenance   Manufacturing and Assembly   Military and Defense