Introduction to Soldering Badge Details


The successful completion of the Snap-on Intro to Soldering Certification enables graduates to demonstrate solid understanding of the fundamentals of making proper soldering connections. The skills acquired during this comprehensive training are valuable TOOLS FOR LIFE that can lead to rewarding careers in the global marketplace.

The soldering process of joining two metal surfaces together using a filler metal is the cornerstone of structural and electrical applications.When properly performed, soldering joints results in a reliable connection between a contact and conductor that incorporates dependable electrical and mechanical characteristics.

Snap-on and NC3 have combined their industrial experience and expertise to develop a certification that includes hands-on training on tools that are vital to a broad spectrum of critical industries. Those who earn this certification will be proficient in the fundamentals of soldering which is an essential component of key electrical industries.


  • Understand the Soldering Process
  • Define Soldering terms and become familiar with soldering nomenclature
  • Understand and demonstrate proper safety precautions associated with soldering of all types
  • Recognize Soldering Materials and equipment and describe their function
  • Understand and apply the material requirements for different soldering applications
  • Understand and demonstrate the proper procedures for a basic soldering project


Auto Collision Repair & Refinishing   STEM   Automotive Technology   Aviation Technology   Power Products   Transportation Technology   Plumbing including steamfitters and pipe fitters