HVAC Diagnostics - Facilities Management Badge Details


Built on the foundation of the most trusted brand in the industry, Snap-on provides the essential TOOLS FOR LIFE that shape the future of tomorrow’s workforce — certification programs, industry-supported curriculum and hands-on training with Snap-on products. The Snap-on HVAC DIAGNOSTICS INSTRUMENTS Certification is designed to train technicians in the advanced technologies needed to successfully test building heating, ventilation and air condition (HVAC) system performance. Participants will prepare and operate specialized tools to test for indoor air quality, carbon monoxide, air distribution, pressure and vacuum testing, temperature, fluid integrity, and combustible gases. Students and technicians who successfully complete the course will leave with the capabilities required for testing HVAC systems. This certification focuses on the Facility Management of HVAC Diagnostics.


  • This certification focuses on the Facility Management of the HVAC Diagnostics Certification Program. Besides addressing basic safety considerations, it covers these TPI instruments.
  • TPI 395 Refractometer, the benefits for proper coolant protection and how to perform a coolant test with the refractometer.
  • TPI 397 pH Testing Meter, the effects of PH in a cooling system and how to perform a Ph test on various cooling systems.
  • TPI SP597 Smart Humidity/Temperature Probe, how to link the Probe to the TPI View App, perform an ambient air temperature and humidity test and record the readings via the TPI View app.
  • TPI SP1000 Smart Carbon Dioxide Tester and how to perform a carbon dioxide measurement.
  • TPI SP700 Smart Carbon Monoxide Tester and how to perform a carbon monoxide test.
  • EEDMTACH1 Digital Contact/Non-Contact Tachometer including how to perform both contact and non-contact RPM measurement on various components.
  • TPI9071 Vibration Tester including the effects of unwanted vibration on rotating components and how to perform a vibration analysis on various components.


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