Introduction to Aerodynamics Badge Details


In this certification, students will explore the role of an aerodynamics engineer. They will learn about the various shapes and test how different forces affect the performance and/or stability. Objects designed by students will be tested in a wind tunnel to simulate wind currents in the atmosphere and apply their findings to their designs. Students will also explore career opportunities.


  • The purpose of the Introduction to Aerodynamics course is to provide students the opportunity to explore and design objects with shapes that minimize the impact of airflow against them.
  • Using a wind tunnel, tools, and accessories, learners are challenged to design and develop a wing airfoil prototype by taking on the role of an aerodynamics engineer.
  • Students must adhere to the specification, requirements, and constraints given, learn about various aerodynamics concepts, acquire the necessary skills to apply those ideas while designing their streamlined airfoil model, and test it in the wind tunnel.


Wind Tunnel   Designs   Career Exploration   Airfoil   Force