Introduction to Mechanisms Badge Details


The purpose of this certification is to teach students the fundamentals of mechanical power and its applications in modern society. Students will learn how objects can be transformed into simple machines that make our lives easier and more productive. They will also be introduced to the physics and mathematics of mechanical power, including how to calculate work, force, energy, and power. Students will also explore career opportunities.


  • Identify and define mechanisms with mechanical advantages which impact daily life
  • Use the basic skills required for the design of a stable moving platform and relocation of large objects
  • Demonstrated how the concepts of force, friction, work, and power can be applied
  • Connect, configure, and utilize hardware to demonstrate mechanical concepts
  • Make precise conclusions proven by testing results and calculations
  • Explore the principles and use of inclined planes, wedges, screws, levers, wheels, axels, gears, belt drives, and pulleys.


Force   Torque   Work   Energy   Power   Rotation   Tension   Career Exploration