Decarbonization Badge Details


Through completion of this course, students will understand both the historical and current data that illustrate the situation of the planet and our path present-day. By understanding how greenhouse gases are currently emitted into the atmosphere and the current trends of sustainable practices, we can develop solutions that accelerate the ability of companies and individuals to positively impact climate change. Together we can start to reverse the impact of carbon emissions. This certificate is recognized by Trane.


  • Understand what carbon is and how it affects the temperature of the planet
  • Explore how existing fuel sources that involve burning of fossil fuels differ from renewable energy sources
  • Build awareness of how energy conservation is our greatest opportunity to help reduce climate change
  • Learn how new technologies can be implemented to help reduce energy consumption and limit climate change
  • Explore the role that companies play in decarbonization
  • Develop a foundation for continued learning around data, analytics, and sustainability


Analysis   Sustainability   Communicative Conveyance