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The successful completion of the Snap-on Air Conditioning Service Certification enables recipients of this training to demonstrate a solid understanding of the capabilities of the PolarTek® Dual AC Machine. The PolarTek® Dual AC Machine is feature rich and capable of servicing R134A and R1234YF. The skills acquired during this comprehensive training are valuable TOOLS FOR LIFE that can lead to rewarding careers in a vast array of industries in the global marketplace. Snap-on and NC3 combined their industrial experience and expertise to create a certification that includes hands-on training are vital to transportation, engineering, manufacturing, aviation, power generation, and natural resources, to name a few. Those who earn this certification will be proficient in the capabilities and application of the PolarTek® Dual AC service machine.


  • Introduction to Machine Safety (including PPE)
  • Basic Component Identification (identify low pressure and high pressure quick couplers for R134a and R1234yf refrigerant, identify low pressure and high pressure gauges for R134a and R1234yf refrigerant
  • Identify display icons and light signals of the machine)
  • Machine Setup (perform PolarTek setup, utilize main menu screen for full setup)
  • Principles of Operation (automatic and manual recovery operations, automatic and manual vacuum operations, automatic and manual charging operations, error messages and alarm notifications)
  • Maintenance (A/C pressure checks, an air purge, vhange filter dryer, perform an empty hoses procedure, understand a vacuum pump oil change, perform a “used oil” tank removal and disposal procedure, perform a tank cell check)


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