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Built on the foundation of the most trusted brand in the industry, Snap-on provides the essential TOOLS FOR LIFE that shape the future of tomorrow’s workforce — certification programs, industry-supported curriculum and hands-on training with Snap-on products.

The Snap-on Building Performance Certification is designed to train technicians in the advanced technologies needed to successfully test building heating, ventilation and air condition (HVAC) system performance.

Participants will prepare and operate specialized tools to test for indoor air quality, carbon monoxide, air distribution, pressure and vacuum testing, temperature, fluid integrity, and combustible gases.

Students and technicians who successfully complete the course will leave with the capabilities required for testing HVAC systems.


  • This class covers the TPI376 Infra Red Gun (which explains non-contact temperature testing), the TPI775 Combustion Gas Leak Detector and CO Monitor (which covers the detection of combustable gases such as methane, fuels as well as CO) and the TPI621 Manometer (which includes an introduction to manometers and testing for pressures).


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