Pressing for HVAC and Plumbing Badge Details


Students that earn the Pressing for HVAC and Plumbing certification will understand and be able to demonstrate the safe operation of manual and battery-powered pressing tools to fabricate fluid circuit connections in copper and pex tubing through the completion of hands-on lab activities in the classroom.


  • Introduce the types and sizes of piping materials that are suited for pressing and their uses in the HVAC and plumbing industries.
  • Explain the design principles and function of various press type fittings for steel, copper, stainless, and pex pipe.
  • Demonstrate the safe and proper operation of manual and battery powered press tools on copper and pex tubing including preparation of the tubing for press connections.
  • Evaluate the student’s ability to safely and properly use professional manual and battery powered pressing tools to join copper and pex tubing in fabrication of fluid circuits through hands-on lab activities.


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