Electricity Introduction, Measurement, and Circuits Badge Details


The successful completion of the Snap-on Electricity Introduction, Measurement, and Circuits Certifi cation enables graduates to demonstrate a solid understanding of the fundamentals of electricity as it pertains to direct current (DC) circuits.

The skills acquired during this comprehensive training are valuable TOOLS FOR LIFE that can lead to rewarding careers in a vast array of industries in the global marketplace.Understanding electricity, the use of a multimeter, and basic circuit design is a cornerstone in any technical fi eld. Snap-on and NC3 combined their industrial experience and expertise to create a certifi cation that includes extensive classroom and hands-on training. The skillsets gained in this certifi cation are vital to career and technical education fields.


  • The certification covers Introduction to Electricity, basic circuit parts, symbols and components including conductors, batteries, connectors, ground, circuit protection and loads.
  • It covers Electrical Measurement and features and settings on a multimeter, meter prefixes and how to prepare a multimeter to measure voltage, resistance, and amperage.
  • It discusses the Electrical Circuit Attributes such as Voltage, Current, Resistance, and Power as well as the characteristics of voltage, current, resistance, and power and the role of a battery in a circuit.
  • It covers Ohm’s Law as it pertains to voltage, resistance, and current in a circuit. Both Series, Parallel, and combination of Series and Parallel circuits are covered in detail including how to measure and calculate voltage, voltage drop, resistance, and current flow in each of the different circuits


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