Introduction to Process Engineering Badge Details


The Introduction to Process Engineering industry recognized certification enables learners to take on the role of a process control engineer in a real-world scenario. The certification explores, educates, and challenges learners with the basic skills associated with process control. They learn about process control engineering and will be challenged to come up with ideas within the discipline of process control. They will take on the role of a process control engineer and adhere to the specifications and constraints given to complete projects and the main challenge. As they explore and practice the skills associated with process control, learners will select a new operational design through experimentation.


  • Identify and define process control engineering and how automatic control systems impact their daily lives.
  • Use the basic skills required for the reading and drawing of electrical schematics, mechanical drawings, and piping and instrumentation (PI) flow diagrams.
  • Demonstrate how flow and pressure are measured both manually and electronically and how valves and pumps work using a closed-loop fluid system.
  • Connect, configure, and operate hardware and software required for automated control including selecting and applying various sensors.
  • Discuss the logic of control (PID) and make conclusions while examining real system data output.


System Diagrams   Manual Measurement and Control   Level Monitoring and Control