Unit Navigation & Preventative Maintenance Badge Details


Students will learn about transport refrigeration unit navigation and preventative maintence. In this certifiation, students will be able to navigate the SR4 refrigeration control interface and read alarms codes, be able to preform preventative maintenance procedures to ensure optimal performance, and know the importance of maintenance procedures. There will also be hands-on labs for the students to demonstrate their knowledge.


  • Demonstrate navigation to the three (3) different menu levels
  • Describe the differences between the different test modes
  • Demonstrate a unit Pretrip
  • Demonstrate how to record engine hours, alarms and set points (unit information)
  • Describe interior and exterior trailer and unit inspection procedures
  • Demonstrate how to inspect and clean an evaporator coil
  • Demonstrate inspection of door latches and hinges on a Thermo King Precedent unit
  • Describe how to pressure check the coolant system and check coolant freeze points
  • Describe the proper use of a Krikit Gauge and an Ultrasonic Tension Tool
  • Demonstrate how to Inspect battery cables and perform a battery load test
  • Demonstrate how to check for fluid levels such as oil, fuel and refrigerant
  • Describe a Yanmar Valve Adjustment
  • Demonstrate how to inspect compressor oil level and condition
  • Demonstrate how to check temperature differential
  • Demonstrate fuel system inspection and maintenance
  • Demonstrate how to check and replace oil, fuel and air filters
  • Demonstrate how to inspect and clean microchannel coils


HMI Navigation   SR-4 operation   Service test   Output Test   Check alarms   Exterior trailer inspection   Yanmar Valve Adjustment   Fuel system inspection   Krikit Gauge   Temperature differential