Refrigeration Fundamentals and Procedures Badge Details


Students will learn about the fundamentals and procedures of the transportation refrigeration industry. In this certification, students will be able to diagnose several operating procedures for the Thermo King Single Temp Precedent unit such as the difference between heat, temperature and latent heat, refrigerant flow throughout the unit, system operations, and service tools and procedures. There will be hands-on labs for the students to practice what they learned.


  • Describe the scope and purpose of the Transport Refrigeration Industry
  • Describe the operating modes of a Thermo King Single Temperature trailer unit
  • Describe the operation of the four main components of a refrigeration system
  • Describe refrigerant flow and component interaction specific to a transport refrigeration single temperature trailer unit
  • Describe and use refrigeration equipment and procedures
  • Demonstrate the proper service procedures of a refrigerant level check, low side pump down, refrigerant recovery, evacuation and charging of a transport refrigeration single temperature trailer
  • Demonstrate service valve operation
  • Demonstrate gauge manifold installation & removal procedures
  • Describe how the different types of heat and heat transfer affect transport refrigeration
  • Describe the effect of pressure/temperature relationships in refrigeration systems
  • Describe the function of the four-component refrigeration system


Transport Refrigeration   Operating systems   Refrigerant flows and diagnostics   Service tools and techniques   Single Temperature Unit   Low side pump down   Refrigerant recovery   Service Valve Operation