Applied Industrial Motor Controls Badge Details


This certification builds knowledge and skills in the fundamentals of industrial electric motor controllers. This industry recognized certification is specially designed to develop soft skills in addition to technical skills. Equipment allows teachers to insert various faults to develop troubleshooting skills – a must to be well prepared for the workplace. The certification first familiarizes students with the operation of individual components, then provides hands-on application opportunities to use them in realistic, industrial motor control circuits. Upon completion of this certification, students will be able to install, commission and troubleshoot the most common electric motor controllers using contactors and relays.


  • Demonstrate safe practices and procedures when working with industrial motor controls.
  • Describe principles and operations related to industrial motor and control circuits.
  • Evaluate industrial motor control circuit performance and apply appropriate troubleshooting techniques.
  • Interpret and use wiring diagrams, symbols, and schematics to troubleshoot industrial motor control circuits.
  • Demonstrate and describe the use of relays, contactors, motor starters and pilot devices in motor control circuits.


Basic control circuits   Three-phase induction motors   Motor protections   Reversible motor starters   Reduced voltage motor starters   Portable Option