Manual and Handheld Power Threading Badge Details


Students that earn the Manual and Hand-Held Power Threading certification will understand the applications of various threads used in industry. Students will demonstrate their ability to safely use manual and hand-held portable power threading equipment to cut, ream, thread and ultimately join multiple pipes together through hands-on lab activities.


  • Introduce the types of pipe materials and pipe sizes capable of being threaded.
  • Explain thread attributes, specifications, and applications of various types of threads used in industry.
  • Demonstrate the safe, proper use and maintenance of professional threading equipment used in the construction trades for cutting, reaming, and threading steel pipe and conduit.
  • Evaluate the student’s ability to safely use manual and hand-held powered equipment to cut, ream and thread steel pipe and/or conduit using lab activities.


Coupling   Die Head   Electrical Metalic Tubing   Galvanized Rigid Conduit   Intermediate Metallic Conduit   PVC   Reamer   Threading Oil   Inside diameter   Outside Diameter   Vice Chain   V-Jaw   Nominal Pipe Dimension   Jack Screw   Electrical