HVACR System Fundamentals Badge Details


The HVACR System Fundamentals Certification recognizes the ability to identify, describe, operate and maintain system operation. Students that earn this badge have obtained understanding of electrical and mechanical operation of an HVACR system, along with system analysis and maintenance.


  • Electrical and mechanical operation of an HVACR system.
  • Perform refrigeration maintenance including a replacing system filter drier, low-pressure control, valve plate, and compressor.
  • Identify refrigeration system components and their role in system operation.
  • Calculate superheat and sub-cooling.
  • Recover refrigerant from a refrigeration system and perform a system evacuation.
  • Charge a refrigeration system with refrigerant.
  • Trace electrical circuits on a refrigeration system using a wiring diagram.
  • Gather basic pressure, temperature and electrical system operating information from a working system.


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