Kubota Tech: SVL Hydraulics Badge Details


The purpose of this course is give students a clear understanding of engines used in Kubota SVL Equipment


  • Explain Kubota Diesel Engine Theory and Operation
  • Identify engine model and serial number to research applicable vehicle and serviceinformation, service precautions, service procedures, and technical service bulletins and determine needed actions.
  • Identify major engine components including pistons, rods, crankshaft, block, cam shaft cylinder head, and the timing chain assembly.
  • Inspect engine assembly for fuel, oil, coolant, exhaust, or other leaks and determine needed actions.
  • Validate proper operation of Kubota fuel systems using appropriate test equipment and determine needed actions.
  • Perform Kubota intake air induction system leakage and restriction tests and determine needed actions.
  • Perform compression and cylinder leak-downtesting and analyze results.
  • Perform the Kubota 7-Step Diagnostic Process.
  • Diagnose no crank, cranks but fails to start, hard starting, and forms but does not continue to run problems and determine needed actions.
  • Identify Tier 4 Final Emissions: Component identification and functions.
  • Utilize Kubota Scan Tools to Identify Electrical Failures (Diagmaster or Service Mode)
  • Verify and identify present and past fault codes.
  • Perform input and output testing of engine electrical systems.
  • View live and stored data and interpret findings.
  • Diagnose faults using Kubota electronic repair information.
  • Diagnose Kubota emission systems.


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