Data Analytics II - Optimizing Energy and Sustainability with Data Analytics Badge Details


The ability to understand where energy comes from, how buildings use energy and why these factors fit into the overall sustainability of our planet is an important and informative topic that is relevant to all of us. One of the greatest opportunities we have for cultivating sustainability and reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions lies in the buildings and structures that we use every day. This course prepares students for a deeper dive into using data analytics to discover, collaborate and problem solve through these concepts. This certificate is recognized by Trane.


  • Review data showing the history of how our planet and climate have changed.
  • Analyze the current state of fossil fuel and renewable energy use and predicted trends.
  • Study energy production and consumption data on local and global scales.
  • Learn the importance of decarbonization and how net zero buildings can be achieved.
  • Understand how energy efficiency in buildings and renewable energy are critical to limiting climate change.
  • Have a foundation for continued learning around data, analytics, and sustainability.


Climate Analysis   Energy Evaluation   Climate Impact   Evaluate Sustainability