BAHCO Secateurs Certification Badge Details


The Snap-on Bahco® Secateurs Certification curriculum develops practical and technical proficiency in horticultural-based applications. Equipped with these TOOLS FOR LIFE, graduates of the course are uniquely qualified to achieve rewarding careers in disciplines ranging from architecture and urban design to food supply and conservation.

Snap-on has created this horticulture certification course using the broad line of high quality Bahco® pruners (secateurs). A wide spectrum of industries are involved in horticulture, with a growing number of career opportunities for those trained and educated in the safe and resourceful use of horticultural tools.


  • Safety Objectives
  • Lopper Design
  • Applications
  • Tool Maintenance


Agribusiness & Science Technology   Horticulture   Agriculture   Floral   Landscaping   Parks and Recreation   Turf Management   Viticulture