575 Multimeter Certification Badge Details


The Snap-on Multimeter Certification is awarded to students who have been trained in the use of Snap-on advanced electrical monitoring equipment. The knowledge and experience gained in this critical discipline are TOOLS FOR LIFE essential to a successful career in critical industries such as automotive repair, transportation, wind power, manufacturing, HVAC, and robotics.

This certification includes training on the problem-solving capabilities of Snap-on digital multimeters — the same technology used by professionals in the workplace. Training is focused on subjects from basic applications to advanced troubleshooting.

This certification provides a widely recognized endorsement of technical expertise and demonstrated achievement. When students successfully complete this Snap-on certification, they obtain one of the most requested skills in the industry today.


  • Multimeter controls and operation
  • Meter display readings and symbols
  • Importance of proper terminal connections
  • Basic applications
  • Troubleshooting techniques
  • Hands-on operation of Snap-on multimeter models
  • Lab exercises
  • Online testing


Auto Collision Repair & Refinishing   Industrial Maintenance   Automotive Maintenance Technology   Electromechanical   Agribusiness & Science Technology   Nuclear Technology   Wind Energy Technology   Automotive Repair   Aviation/Aerospace   Diesel/Heavy Duty   Electrical   Energy   Engineering