Tormach XS Router Badge Details


This certification offers an educational opportunity that can be utilized in commercial applications and is stackable with any CNC program. It is designed to help students obtain certification to start their career with local unions and employers in the commercial machining industry.

By building a local partnership between industry partners and participating schools, the program provides a win-win situation for both parties. The program focuses on understanding product how-to literature, maintenance, and general knowledge of the machine.

Certification by Tormach standards is provided to students on how to properly program and upkeep the machine. This enables students to gain valuable hands-on experience in the commercial machining industry and prepares them for future employment opportunities.

Overall, the certification program provides students with a comprehensive understanding of commercial machining practices and standards. It helps them develop the necessary skills to start their career in the industry while providing a win-win situation for local schools and industry partners.


  • What is CNC?
  • Safety
  • Machine Setup
  • PathPilot┬«
  • Material Setup
  • Tool Setup
  • Measurement
  • Machine Operation
  • Speeds & Feeds
  • G & M Codes
  • CAM
  • Maintenance


Mathematical Skills   CAD/CAM Software   Set-up   Program   Operate   Tool Holding   Problem Solving   Written and Oral Communication   PathPilot┬«   Safety   Programming