Dremel LC40 Laser Cutter Badge Details


This certification offers students an educational opportunity that can be used in design studios. It focuses on providing students with the necessary skills to create, print, and use Digi-lab software. Certification in the basics of Digi-lab software helps students turn their designs into a reality with easy-to-use software included.

The program is designed to build win-win partnerships between industry partners and participating schools. Additionally, it is stackable with other Dremel products like the 3D45 printers, providing students with a comprehensive understanding of Dremel equipment that can help them with future use of maker space equipment.

Basic knowledge of Dremel equipment is provided to students, enabling them to use it effectively in their future projects. The program also provides certification on how to set up the machine with the Bofa filtration system and proper maintenance.

Overall, the certification program provides students with valuable hands-on experience in Digi-lab software and Dremel equipment. It helps them develop the necessary skills to use these tools effectively in design studios and other maker space equipment. The program also builds win-win partnerships between industry partners and participating schools, preparing students for future employment opportunities in the industry.


  • Laser Basics
  • Laser Setup
  • Exhaust
  • Laser Software
  • Maintenance/Troubleshooting
  • Classroom Implementation


Design   Computational Modeling   Analysis   CAD Design   Sanding   Cutting   Filling   Painting   Coating   Polishing   Critical Thinking   Problem Solving   Communication   Collaboration   Troubleshooting   Operating software   Production efficiency   Creative Design Skills