Apollo D8 Badge Details


APOLLO® D8 Certification is designed to cover Fast-Track Intelligent Diagnostics to show vehicle data parameters (PIDs) relevant to the fault code. It discusses how to use OBD technology to qickly diagnose Driveability Issues, Fluid Capacities, Maintenance Resets, Multi-Code Problems, Pulling Simple Codes, Relearns, Remove & Replace Components, Scoping Sensors and TPMS. Using technology such as this saves technician's time by guiding you directly to the fix and eliminating guesswork. Also covered are the extra assurances of SureTrack® expert information, “Smart Data,” and quick access to functional tests and resets.


  • Scanner Controls and Navigation
  • Vehicle Communication Software
  • Cause and Effect
  • Component Test Meter Navigation
  • Navigating Ignition Scope Options
  • Troubleshooting Techniques
  • Hands-on Operation of APOLLO® D8


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