Applied Industry 4.0 Badge Details


Building upon the base knowledge gained in the Level I Industry 4.0 Course, students will delve deeper into the IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things) as it applies to modern production systems. Much of the focus will be on how MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) send and receive data from the production process. Participants will work with the MES and learn how to process, utilize, and protect critical data. The students will work with real production scenarios and real-world industrial equipment to incorporate HMI (Human Machine Interface) with the MES and equipment.


  • Define MES and related functionality.
  • Configuration of MES.
  • Incorporate HMI applications to a production system.
  • Utilize web services/email push delivery.
  • Explain the importance of data security.
  • Explain how 3D Modeling of systems impacts production systems.


MES   HMI   Data Safety   3D Modeling