Conductor Pulling Badge Details


Introduce the components of a cable pulling system. Explain how to calculate the expected cable pulling force. Introduce the concepts and safety procedures associated with manual and powered cable pulling, including sheave and capstan theory. Explain the differences between pulling in conduit, cable tray and other support methods common to electrical and VDV cabling. Evaluate the student’s ability to calculate pull forces and correctly set up and safely operate professional cable pulling equipment using graded lab activities and tests.


  • Understands the process of manual and power cable pulling operations and systems
  • Understands the advantages and demonstrates the proper use of the latest pulling equipment on copper and aluminum wire.
  • Demonstrated the ability to safely use power pulling systems
  • Demonstrates the ability to calculate pulling and load forces associated with manual and power pulling methods.


AWG   Ampacity   Cable   Cable Puller   Capstan   Conductor   Clevis   Coefficient of Friction   Cable Feeder   Pulley   Pulling   Pull Rope   Pull Tension   Raceway   Voltage Drop   Sheave