Electronic Torque Badge Details


The Snap-on Electronic Torque Certification is awarded to students who successfully achieve proficiency in the use of electronic torque tools. In-depth knowledge of torque theory, and experience in wrench selection and torque application form TOOLS FOR LIFE that enable technicians to be productive, efficient, and safe when using torque instruments in a wide variety of industries.

Whether just starting out, or a veteran of the shop, a working knowledge of torque theory and application is a fundamental requirement for any engineering, maintenance service, or repair position. As the leader in torque instruments, Snap-on developed a certification course that include hands-on classroom training and advanced lab exercises.

This certification provides a widely recognized endorsement of technical expertise and demonstrated achievement. Students who successfully complete the course obtain the training and professionalism required to be safe, accurate, and proficient on the job.


  • Tool safety
  • Principles of fasteners
  • Understanding torque theory
  • Hands-on operation of torque tools


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