Zeus Lab Scope Operation & Data Management Certification Badge Details


The Snap-on Zeus Lab Scope Operation & Data Management Certification Certification continues to raise the bar for technical training for students entering the automotive repair industry. The course curriculum enables students to acquire TOOLS FOR LIFE they need to unlock the full potential of this sophisticated tool, and provides the insight and experience required to service computer-controlled vehicles.

Today’s vehicles require computerized diagnostics to accurately identify problems. As the leader in aftermarket automotive diagnostics, Snap-on has developed hands-on classroom training and advanced lab exercises to master this powerful diagnostic tool.

A majority of technicians who use scanning equipment know only 20-30% of the tool’s capabilities. When students complete their certification, they can show employers they have hands-on experience as scanner power-users.


  • Demonstrate how to access saved files and review recorded data on both the ZEUS and using ShopStream Connect™
  • Explain the function and necessity of a lab scope in diagnosing modern automobiles
  • Explain the advantages of using the component test meter (CTM)
  • Demonstrate the use of the CTM by capturing an electrical glitch
  • Demonstrate the proper use of the digital meter
  • Compare and contrast the power graphing meter to the lab scope
  • Explain the basic theory of lab scope operation including sample rates, sweep, and total time
  • Explain lab scope settings such as trigger, channel options, presets, and viewing configurations
  • Demonstrate how to properly set up a four channel trace and capture an electrical glitch


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