Three Phase Testing Badge Details


Understand the principles of 3 phase electricity and the application of phase sequencing and motor rotation. Learn to interpret test instrument category ratings and how to safely use a digital clamp-on meter to take measurements in order to successfully complete lab activities related to 3 phase motor installation and troubleshooting.


  • Demonstrating safe and efficient use of a digital clamp-on multimeter
  • Understanding and performing calculations of electrical principles and laws
  • Demonstrate understanding of 3 Phase Sequence and Motor Rotation
  • Understands how to measure AC/DC Voltage


Alternating Current   Direct Current   Diode   Digital Multimeter   Continuity   Amperage   Capacitor   Amperes   Frequency   Fuses   Ohm   Ohm's Law   Phase Rotation Detection   Resistance   Test Leads   Watt's Law   Volt   Variable Frequency Drive