Fundamentals of Robotics Badge Details


Today, and in the future, Robotics are becoming more and more common. From repetitive tasks to highly complex interaction with humans, robots can be found. This industry recognized certification is designed expose students to the various types of robots and the various ways they can increase productivity in industrial applications. While these robots can replace low skilled human tasks, they require people with technical skills to program, operate and maintain them. Upon completion of this industry recognized certification, students will have worked with various types and brands of robots – learning how to program, teach positions, and work safely with these critical elements of modern industry.


  • Identify and explain the design and function of various types of robotic systems.
  • Safely operate and maintain robotic systems.
  • Program various robotic systems.
  • Commission and teach robotic programs and positions.
  • Understand and define control instructions.
  • Utilize conditional statements.
  • Incorporate sensors and other applications with a robot application.


Programming   Troubleshooting   Axis