Fundamentals of Sensor Technology Badge Details


As manufacturing and industry becomes increasingly automated, the understanding of sensors is critical. Sensors are eyes, ears, touch, and feel of automated systems. They relay signals to the “brain” of the system in order for the system to react accordingly. This industry recognized certification will introduce the participant to various sensors common in the industrial auto-mation field. Hands-on experience plays a central role in teaching the fundamentals of sensors. Examples are used to demonstrate the general operational principles of different sensors. Special attention is paid to the selection of the right sensor, its connection, the correct setting and functional checking.


  • Understand and explain fundamentals of sensor technology.
  • Recognize sensor functionality and select the appropriate sensor for various industrial applications.
  • Interpret the language, symbology, and protocols commonly used in the sensor field.
  • Explain how the various types of sensors work and function.
  • Make electrical connections and test the sensor for proper operation.
  • Troubleshoot, repair/replace a faulty sensor.


Conventional   Troubleshooting   Applications   Functions