Fundamentals of Fluid Power - Pneumatics Badge Details


This pneumatic industry recognized certification training covers the use of compressed air for pneumatic control and as a signaling medium. A complete overview is given, covering compressors, storage, dryers and distribution as well as the design, construction and operation of a range of actuators, valves and ancillary equipment. The relevant ISO symbols are introduced and included in the circuit diagrams. This course ensures a sound competence the safe operation and maintenance of one of the most common automation elements in industry.


  • Interpret and draw pneumatic symbols.
  • Construct and troubleshoot pneumatic circuits.
  • Determine root cause of component failure.
  • Make speed adjustments to actuators.
  • Explain the force/pressure/area relationship.
  • Describe the different states an actuator can assume and the importance of each.
  • Identify/explain function of pneumatic components.


Pneumatics   Troubleshooting   Boyle's Law