Fundamentals of Electricity - AC Badge Details


Decrease production downtime, improve efficiency and increase output – All hinges on understand electricity and how to work with it safely. These industry recognized certifications have been specifically developed to give students the knowledge and skills required to enable them to work safely and effectively with electricity. The lab components of the training offer the student the opportunity to build, test and troubleshoot AC circuits and examine the operating voltages and currents related to proper circuit operation. Technicians will use various instruments to make circuit measurements and calculations.


  • Explain the working principles of an electrical circuit.
  • Safely and effectively measure an electrical circuits.
  • Identify, sketch and describe basic electrical components and devices.
  • Build, test & troubleshoot basic electrical circuits.
  • Read basic electrical circuit diagrams.
  • Calculate impedance and inductive/capacitive reactance.
  • Safely and effectively measure an AC electrical circuit using a DMM.
  • Troubleshooting various complex AC circuits with faults using a voltmeter and ohmmeter.


AC Current   Resistors   Capacitors   Relays   Switches