Fundamentals of Fluid Power - Hydraulics Badge Details


This hydraulic industry recognized certification training is designed to familiarize students with the construction and operation of hydraulic components. Investigating the construction and operation of a range of hydraulic equipment, this hydraulic training course covers the fundamental principles of hydraulics as well as the individual components. Valves controlling pressure, flow rate, sequence and direction of flow are included and practical exercises are used to demonstrate their operation, based on standard symbol circuits. Maintenance and a systematic approach to fault finding are also covered.


  • Design, assemble, test, and troubleshoot basic hydraulic circuits. Identify and describe the construction, design features, and operation of hydraulic components.
  • Interpret technical specifications and data relating to hydraulic components and systems.
  • Identify and explain graphical symbols for hydraulic components.
  • Describe fundamentals of oil flow.


Hydraulics   Symbols   Troubleshooting   Hydraulic Fluid