Fundamentals of Industry 4.0 Badge Details


As an introduction to Industry 4.0, this industry recognized certification aims to relay foundational information about Industry 4.0 and help to establish a base upon which more detailed information regarding the topic can layered. The course will introduce the various industrial revolutions and how Industry 4.0, the internet of things, smart factories, and cyber-physical systems are a disruption to the manufacturing industry and discusses the impact and implications that these advancements introduce.


  • Explain what Industry 4.0 is.
  • Discuss how these changes impact the industry, current and future employees, and other members of the manufacturing value chain.
  • Give examples of the benefits and value of Industry 4.0.
  • Explain the ‘interconnected world’.
  • Define important terms, theories, and ideas behind Industry 4.0.


Introduction to Industry 4.0   Digitization of our lives   Terms and concepts   The foundations of Industry 4.0   Implications, benefits, and value   The integration behind Industry 4.0   Case studies in Industry 4.0