Branch and Series Level Termination Badge Details


Identify the different circuit levels and types and sizes of electrical conductors used in those circuits. Introduce the applicable regulations concerning cutting and terminating branch/series level electrical wire and cables. Evaluate the student’s ability to safely and correctly use professional wire termination tools to terminate electrical conductors using graded lab activities and tests.


  • Understands and can identify the four circuit levels and the regulations concerning cutting, stripping and crimping electrical wire.
  • Understands the advantages and demonstrates the proper use of the latest electrical wire termination tools for cutting, stripping and crimping
  • electrical connectors on copper and aluminum wire.
  • Demonstrated the use of professional grade electrical wire termination tools to cut, strip and crimp electrical connectors on Series wire sizes.
  • Understands the theory of Wire Termination as well as common connector and cable types.
  • Demonstrated connector crimp profile recognition and limitations.


MCM   AWC   Crimping   Terminal   Stripping   NEC   Electrical Circuit   Electrical Conduit   Conductor   Capacitor   Cable